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All Sets

All Sets

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The Pen

2 videos
We explore the training of 9 dogs from started to Open, discuss flanks, provide exercises and more! Details at http://www.macraeway.com

$49 for 4 weeks

The Turnback

2 videos
Learn how to teach your dog to turnback with enthusiasm and confidence, using our proven, compartmentalized 3-step system.

$149 for 4 weeks
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Foundation Bundle-BEST VALUE

11 videos
BEST VALUE. Save OVER $100 and get ALL of our foundation courses (Starting Dogs, The Outrun, The Drive, The Shed) for THREE MONTHS' ACCESS.

$350 for 3 months
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The Outrun

2 videos
This course explores how to encourage development of the outrun and correct an outrun. Read more at: http://www.macraeway.com

$69 for 4 weeks
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Starting Dogs the MacRae Way

5 videos
4 hours of video, following 6 young dogs through their early training. Read more at: http://www.macraeway.com

$199 for 6 weeks

The Shed

2 videos
Our most complete shed offering! We explore the training of 9 dogs at every level. Read more at: http://www.macraeway.com

$99 for 4 weeks

The Drive

2 videos
Teaching your dog to drive The MacRae Way. We show 9 different dogs from very beginner to seasoned Open dogs.

$99 for 4 weeks
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Power - A Discussion with Alasdair MacRae

1 video
Alasdair MacRae’s thoughts on ‘Power’ and dogs he’s known with this great and elusive quality.

$16 for 1 week

Preview Videos of our Courses (FREE)

8 videos
Preview videos for ALL of our course offerings. Click here to get the details and content for each of our offerings!

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MacRae Way Academy

1 video
This is a Preview Video of The Academy. SIGN UP-IT's FREE! Go to www.macraeway.com


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